5 Best Leather Conditioners for Cowboy Boots

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Be it your cowboy boots or any other caring is quintessential to make them durable and wearable. After all, you need to maintain everything to make them last, in the case of cowboy boots as well. Frequent cleaning of your coveted leather cowboy boots will keep them looking new and maintain and protect them also. As a result, you can enjoy using them for many years. High-quality leather cowboy boots can last for decades if you take proper care and use specialized cleaning products or conditioners. That is why when buying these boots, you need to purchase the products to maintain them effectively.

If you have cowboy boots, you have probably noticed that they get wet quickly. As a result, the stitch gets damaged. But with proper care, you can bypass this issue. You will find many waterproof conditioners that will protect your boots from moisture damage.

So, do you want to learn about the best cowboy boots conditioner products? Do you want to know how to soften your boots and defend them from wear and tear? If so, then you have landed at the correct article. This article has many helpful tips related to your boot’s conditioning. Besides, it will also give you the reference of some top-selling conditioning products so that you can maintain your cowboy boots. So, do not wait and read on to get information.

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Top Best leather conditioner for cowboy boots

So, now the question is what the best cowboy boot conditioners are for leather boots. Since leather is similar to human skin, it is more prone to drying, cracking, scratching, and discoloration. As a result, you require a conditioner that can prevent the above hindrances. But only purchasing the right product alone cannot do everything. You need to apply it every 4-6 months to your cowboy boots to keep them in perfect condition. If you do this efficiently, you can prevent its degradation and discoloration. So, let us learn about the best conditioners from the below segment.

1.Obenauf’s Leather Conditioner (4 oz)

The reputable brand Obenauf comes with this exceptionally beneficial leather cowboy boots conditioner. If you think the conditioner used will make your coveted boots unbreathable, then you can relax, as this product can solve your problem efficiently. This conditioner formula incorporates natural components, and as a result, it can make your boots soft and flexible. The liquid formula prevents discoloration and revives the boot color, lost due to climate conditions and excessive use. Besides, the product also waterproofs your boots and defends them from salt, oil, and sand. 

In addition, this formula can protect your boots from premature cracking, scuffing, and stitch tears as well. As you know, natural ingredients are always safe to use. Therefore, this cowboy boot conditioner can be your ideal friend if you want to keep your precious boots like a new one. You might not believe that firefighters prefer this product much. But people find it unworthy as this conditioner can darken their boot. So, if you have dark cowboy boots, you can use this liquid formula without any hindrance. But for other colors, you need to take proper care while conditioning.


  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Protect boots from many issues
  • Make your boot breathable, waterproof, soft, and flexible


  • Only suitable for dark cowboy boots

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2. Bickmore Bick Leather Conditioner (16 oz)

It is one of the trusted and preferable conditioners for leather cowboy boots lovers. You will find this product on several owners’ shoe racks around the globe. Bickmore conditioner offers excellent caring and protection to your leather boots as it prevents stains, softens the boot, and maintains the leather skin effectively. This product cleans and polishes the leather surface of the boot to extend its life. Besides, the formula is easy to apply. 

With four steps, you can condition your coveted boots efficiently. All you need to do is clean your boots, apply the formula, let them dry, and buff. In the end, you will get new and brighter-looking boots. Besides, the conditioner leaves no dark marks on your boot or will not darken the leather. Therefore, these reasons are enough to understand why it is a widely-used conditioner. It is efficient and keeps your boot in top condition.


· Extends the boots life

· Hassle-free application process

· Would not darken the leather


· Some leather type might get darken

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3. Leather Honey Leather Boot Conditioner

It is an exceptionally versatile boot conditioner product from the renowned brand Leather Honey. The company has around 53 years of experience, and they offer a quality product so that you can keep your boots new. People around the world utilize this conditioner as it gives the best result. This liquid product enters deep into leather boots to defend the leather and restore dry and worn-out leather. A fascinating fact is that this conditioner is non-toxic as it has no solvents, silicone, and animal products. 

Besides, it is also odorless, non-sticky, stain-free, and makes your cowboy boots waterproof, making them popular among people. By applying it, you can restore the leather color and also soften the leather. As a result, your boots will become flexible again without much effort. The application process is also hassle-free. All you need to do is put a quarter-size drop of the product on the boots. After that, take a soft cloth or towel and gently wipe the conditioner to dry. But many users claim that their boot got darkened after applying this fluid. Though it is true, you can use it without stress as the problem is not too big and occurs at an acceptable level. 


  • Toxic-free product
  • Include a complete conditioner kit
  • Restore leather quality and color


  • Boots will slightly get darkened after continuous usage

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4. Chemical Guys Leather Conditioner and Cleaner Kit

This boot conditioner from Chemical Guys’ is a must-have thing for every cowboy boots lover. As we never like the cleaning process, this conditioner can make the task enjoyable. You need to apply the formula only on your leather boots, and you will see the magic. Your boots will look brand new in a flash. It removes the stains, oil, and other sticky things efficiently without harming the boot. If you have multicolored stitching boots, you can apply the formula without any hesitancy as it works adequately on them. It never changes the color of the boot, instead, it makes them brighter and shinier.


· Effective eliminate all stains

· Can restore the boot color

· Works perfectly on multicolored leather stitching


· It is a bit on the higher pricing side.

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5. Sof Sole Leather Conditioning and Waterproofing Product

Manufactured by Sof Sole, this cowboy boot conditioner is exceptionally versatile for maintaining and protecting your leather boots. It works as a protection shield against sand, salt, and dirt for cowboy boots. Besides, it can also recover the original colors of your shoe. The product is best as you can waterproof, preserve, and condition your coveted boots effectively. 

Specially formulated with mink oil, this conditioner is helpful as the oil prevents the leather from salt, water, and sweat stains by creating a waterproof barrier. The application process is also simple as you only need to take a cloth and gently rub the leather with the formula. After that, let it sit for some time for absorption, then wipe the excess liquid from the leather surface. In addition, the product is affordable as well, and this affordability and ease of use make this conditioner a preferable choice among cowboy boots owners.


· Easy to use

· Offer protection from multiple things

· The product is cost-effective


· May darken some leather types

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How to condition the cowboy boots?

Conditioning cowboy boots is a simple task, as you will find many cowboy boot conditioner products in the market or online. But you have to consider a few aspects as there are two types of cowboy boots out there. One is leather boots, and another one is a suede boot. As a result, both require specific conditioning to keep them shining. So, if you want to condition your cow boots, read the below sections, which will explain the entire process. 

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Steps to condition leather cowboy boots

The conditioning process of leather cowboy boots involves three primary steps, and they are as follows.

1. Clean leather cowboy boots

If you have leather boots, you need to clean them with appropriate products. Many people use a brush and scrub the leather surface. But it creates more harm than good and affects the boots severely. As a result, you can only utilize leather cleaners and wipe them with a cloth after applying. It will clean your boot properly without facing difficulty with the backlog of cleaning substances.

2. Apply conditioner

Once you complete the cleaning process, it is now time to apply a leather conditioner to your cowboy boots. For this, all you need to do is spray the conditioner liquid directly on the boot, or you can also use a towel or soft cloth and wipe the chemical from the boot surface.

3. Wait for sometime

Cowboy boot conditioning requires patience. As leather boots are thick, the conditioner cannot enter deeply faster. As a result, you have to wait for some time, or else you can take a hairdryer for quick drying.

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Steps to condition suede cowboy boots

Unlike leather cowboy boots, these products have to do a lot of work if you wish to condition your suede cowboy boots. These boots are vulnerable as they are scratched easily or stiff and dry, and the conditioning steps are as follows.

1.Clean suede cowboy boots

As you might know, suede is more flexible and softer than leather. Hence, you can use a brush while cleaning them. But you have to choose a brush that has soft bristles. In addition, you need to take the best cleaning good for these boots. You can scrub them with the brush and apply the cleaning solution. After that, take a soft cloth and gently wipe them for drying.

2. Apply conditioner

The second step is similar to conditioning leather boots. As in this, you need to spray the conditioner directly or on a cloth to rub your suede boots.

3. Wait for drying

Though it takes less time to penetrate the solution onto the suede boots, you must wait for some time to let them dry. Alternatively, you can use a hairdryer also for fast penetration. But remember that as suede cowboy boots are more flexible, you should never set the hair dryer temperature too high.

How often do you condition your cowboy boots?

It depends on the boot material and how often you use them. For instance, if you have suede cowboy boots and wear them at least three days a week, you need to condition them every 4 to 5 months. But if you use them less, you can condition them in 6 monthly intervals. Besides, if you wear your leather cowboy boots frequently, you must condition them every three months. It is so because leather boots get cracked or scratched with ease. But you can condition them every six months if not used regularly.

Wrapping it up

To conclude, we can say that a boot conditioner is a must-have product if you have cowboy boots. As each conditioner type brings different effects on your boot, you must purchase the best formula. Some varieties make your boots durable, some offer a new look, and others make your boots waterproof and protect them from all stains. Remember that a pair of boots can go for years if you take proper care. Conditioning them is one of the mandatory and essential tasks to protect them, make them durable, and keep their beauty. So, this is all about boot conditioning. Select a product from the above list and keep your coveted cowboy boots like a new one.

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