Best Garden Wagon Carts for Plants

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A garden wagon cart or a garden trolley or garden cart wagon is a straight-sided vehicle with two or more wheels. The middle cart may be flat or have sides. It generally has a narrow profile for a smooth gliding process without damaging plants while in operation. People used garden carts to move things from one place to another in the garden. Gardening tools and supplies such as gravel, soil, plants, and other equipment become movable with the help of a garden wagon cart

Most garden lovers prefer a spacious and large garden trolley to execute the task within a short period. It is an integral part of every gardeners’ toolbox when they work on dominant gardening projects. There are several designs out there to choose from. Many nursery and home supply stores also carry garden trolleys. So, it is better to understand the features of the garden trolley according to the requirements before buying.

How to use a garden wagon cart effectively

One of the necessary usages of a garden cart wagon is to use it as a container to dump weeds while removing the garden. To transfer all types of equipment around the field, the user utilizes the garden carts. You can execute all sorts of gardening operations and landscaping projects with its help. While cleaning the garden using a trolley, the soil will fall through the mesh, and the weeds will be held back by themselves. The garden cart wagon carries the landscaping supplies like stones, and plant soils from one place to another. You can also do soil mixing, unloading cars, and more with the help of it. With large wheels, a garden cart wagon is very easy to move around the backyard. Anyone can execute all sorts of heavy work with the help of it.

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How to choose the best garden wagon cart

Let us look at some of the factors you should keep in mind while selecting the best trolley for gardening. They are as follows.

  1. Size and Capacity

Size and capacity both matter a lot when selecting a garden cart wagon. You might find several carts with a weight capacity ranging from 120 pounds to 1500 pounds. Always remember the more generous the loading capability, the larger the trolley will be. But always purchase a trolley depending on your usage. If you want to transport brick, gravel, or sand, you will require a large and sturdy cart. On the other hand, for a lighter load, pick a smaller one with a deep bed. 

  1. Material and Durability

As a gardener, you might want a garden cart wagon that is well-built and offers durability. You will find multiple carts out there. They are either made of metal or polyethylene. Metal products are sturdier than others and protect your trolley even if you put an overload on it. But this is not the case with the poly carts. They are lightweight and cannot carry heavy loads. Unlike the metal carts, these are rust-proof, and one can easily pull or drag the trolley. Other than both these materials, there is also a fabric cart available. They are foldable, and you can store them anywhere without taking up much space.

  1. Tire

Depending on the cart, the tires might vary a little. A lightweight poly cart with plastic tires is ideal for garden lovers. Besides, the most preferred ones are the pneumatic tires as they can withstand heavy weight without damaging them, and you can use them on a bumpy surface smoothly. But unlike the plastic tires, the pneumatic ones need frequent maintenance, especially when it punctures.

  1. Bed material
  • Steel – We will recommend you purchase a garden cart with a steel-made bed. You can use them for years without breaking them and are scratch less also. But there are many drawbacks in utilizing those as well. They are prone to rust, are heavy, and after several years they will be discolored. Besides, acidic elements like compost also damage them.    
  • Polyethylene – This material is also scratch-resistant like steel and is lightweight, rain-proof, and dent. You can use it for many years.  
  • Plastic – Plastic is lighter than polyethylene and offers easy pulling to gardeners. But due to the heat of the sun, you can see cracks on them. So, if you keep them in a shady area, you can use them for several years without damaging them. 
  1. Handle

A garden cart wagon must be easy to pull and drag, especially when it carries a heavy load. You might find carts with a front axle directly connected to the handle. It will give better control while using. Besides, you will locate carts with free-turning wheels that are easy to steer as well. So, purchase any of them depending on your comfortability. 

  1. Ground compatibility

Purchase a garden cart wagon depending on which ground or surface you want to use. If you have a rough or bumpy surface, you will need a cart with high ground clearance. It will protect your trolley from breaking. But if you wish to utilize the trolleys on flat terrain, then you can buy any model.  

  1. Warranty

Buying a high-quality and heavy-duty cart of a premium brand is also not an exception while looking for a warranty from the manufacturer. If you are investing in buying a pricey cart, always look for the warranty the brand offers with the product. This warranty will give you peace of mind and ensure you of backup if something goes wrong afterward. It also emphasizes that the manufacturer is confident enough about their products and their longevity and durability in the long run. So, always consider this before purchasing your coveted garden cart wagon.

Best heavy duty garden wagon carts to move concrete planters

1. Garden Star garden wagon cart

Garden Star Dual-Wheel trolley

This traditional garden trolley from Garden Star has two air-filled wheels and a loop handle. It is easy to lift and maneuver and offers better balance on most terrains. The long-lasting plastic body has a rustproof 8-inch tray depth and four cubic foot load capacity, making it suitable for weeding, hauling, and other garden projects. You can carry a few bags of sand, dirt, mulch, or gravel without damaging the cart. Besides, you can also store it standing upright or hang it on a wall. Additionally, it is easy to set up with its six bolts. 

1. Enhanced load distribution and optimal balance.
2. Easy storage.
3. Hassle-free assembly.
1. A bit smaller for a large garden

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2. AMES garden wagon cart

Are you looking for an assembly-free garden trolley? Then, check this product from the Ames Companies. You can use it straight after unboxing, as it requires no manual setup. Featured with tubular steel, the axle of the cart protects the trolley from tearing and wearing. Besides, with the poly construction, you can put the cart away wet in rainy weather.

Manufactured with 10-inch wheels, this garden trolley offers enhanced stability and makes maneuvering effortless. The company provides a tool clip on the side to help you in organizing the tools. Besides, the cargo area measures 2.5 by 17.5-inches long and 11-inches deep. All these features made this item a desirable one for the gardeners. 

1. Extra-wide wheelbase.
2. Tool tray and clips included.
3. Zero assemblies needed.
1. Low handle height for taller people.

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3. Marathon Yard Rover Rubber Tire garden wagon cart

This garden trolley from Marathon Yard Rover has a loading capacity of 300-pound. Designed with two air-filled wheels, this product offers effortless lifting, balance, and maneuvering. Besides, it features a rust-proof poly tray of the 5-cubic foot to allow the user to carry much weight. 

The loop handle has a cushion grip that enables users to push, dump, or pull the contents easily without cutting their hands. The company manufactures it, keeping in mind the portability aspect. It weighs just 25 pounds, which makes it 25 percent less than a standard garden cart. Apart from these, though it required assembling, the job is easy and needs a few minutes. You only require a crescent wrench and flat-head screwdriver to set it up.

1. Able to carry heavy materials.
2. Rust-proof poly tray.
3. Perfect for residential usage.
1. Not as sturdy as other similar products.

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Best garden carts that can be used for easy loading and unloading

Below we have discussed the finest three trolleys for moving the large pot from the garden to other parts of the house with ease.

1. WORX Aerocart two-wheeled garden cart

This garden cart from WORX Aerocart offers a 300-pound load-carrying capacity. Its Turbo Lift design allows exceptional advantage while transporting loads. Unlike several trolleys, it has two wheels in the front and a stand in the back. You can drive it forward or drag it behind easily and with more stability. 

It is an eight-in-one device as you can transform it from a garden cart to a bag holder, cylinder carrier, trailer tote, yard cart, rock, and plant mover, into a dolly and extended dolly. Besides, it features flat-free tires to allow a smooth ride without inflating them.

1. Stainless steel frame.
2. Engineered with eight functions.
3. Do not require inflating the tires.
1. Extremely cheap construction.

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2. Rubbermaid commercial garden cart

Rubbermaid Commercial has introduced a garden cart engineered with two fixed wheels. This product gives optimal control maneuverability. Besides, the dump trailer carries up to 3.25 to 4.5 cubic feet of contents. The company manufactured it with an integrated handle which also has a molded-in tool and drink holder.

Made of high-density polyethylene, this garden trolley can carry weight up to 200-pounds. The product is dimensioned at 4 X 4 X 7.5 inches and weighs 14.66-pounds. You can find it in a beautiful platinum color.

1. Built-in handle offers better dumping.
2. Provides optimal control.
3. Includes a beverage holder.
1. Only 200-pounds carrying capacity.

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3. AMES Buddy Garden Cart

Sometimes a storage space is necessary for a gardener to store the potting mix or other essential stuff. Also, having a garden cart allows sitting for a few minutes while working. To get all these, you need to purchase the garden trolley from the renowned AMES. It has three compartments and a removable tray that can store your essential gardening materials. 

It handles 2-cubic feet of material with ease. Featured with a sturdy lid, this product has a fold-down handle, and you can transform it into a seat as well. Hence, you can sit on it while mending the garden. Besides, the four 7-inches wheels with steel axles offer easy transportation. 

1. You can change the handle into a seat.
2. It can store tools and equipment.
3. No need to assemble.
1. Not durable and overpriced.

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Best Four-Wheel Garden Wagon Carts

It is now time to check out the best three and four-wheel garden trolleys. They are also garden trolleys with solid rubber wheels.

1. Gorilla Carts GOR866D

The Gorilla Carts has launched a heavy-duty garden trolley for garden lovers. The 3-inch pneumatic tires and quick-release dump feature offer a faster and easier unloading experience to the users. Its 13-inch tires can handle any terrain with ease. 

Featured with high durability and rust-resistant poly bed, this garden trolley can withstand up to 1200-pounds of hauling capacity. In addition, the convertible handle has padded grips, and one can easily pull and attach it behind a UTV or an ATV. Engineered with a 40 X 25-inch steel frame, this item is suitable for any landscaping environment. It is easy to carry as it weighs only 58.6-pounds. 

1. Saves unloading time with patented quick-release dump design.
2. Maintenance-free and rust-proof steel frame.
3. Comfortable padded handle.
1. Tendency to start rolling away.

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2. Gorilla Carts GOR1400-COM

If your garden area is large enough or you want to use the trolley on farms, this product from Gorilla Carts is the best possible choice for you. Designed with removable sides, you can quickly transform it from a cart to a flatbed trailer. Besides, the manufacturer has designed it with a quick and easy assemble frame. The bed liner provides versatility while transporting heavy loads.  

This garden trolley has 15-inch pneumatic turf tires that offer improved rigidity and maneuverability. It also has a 2-in-1 padded handle. A user can pull it up with ease while carrying 1400-pounds of weight. On top of all, the trolley dimensions are 52 X 34-inches, and its overall weight is 108-pounds. 

1. 1400-pounds carrying capacity.
2. Powerful and built to last.
3. Removable sides with padded handle.
1. Not suitable for people with mobility.

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3. Greenworks three-wheel garden trolley

This Greenworks cordless garden trolley runs on a 40-volt lithium-ion battery. The quick charger takes only 2 hours to charge fully and also has a battery life indicator. When fully charged, it can operate for up to 40 minutes on grass or pavement. 

Manufactured with self-propelled 10-inch wheels, this device is an ideal choice for gardeners who want a 4-wheeled trolley. This product is sturdy, durable, and has a rust-proof 3.75 cubic feet cargo tub. It can withstand 200-pound of weight with ease. Furthermore, the off-loading assisting handle promotes easy and fast unloading options for the users.

1. Smooth and noise-free operation.
2. Self-propelling wheels.
3. Rechargeable battery with indicator.
1. Run for only 40 minutes.

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Best Foldable Garden Carts

Let us check out the best three folding garden trolleys that you can store in a small space. 

1. BEAU JARDIN foldable garden cart

BEAU JARDIN is a French term that means Beautiful Garden, and this trolley lives up to its name. This Garden trolley looks aesthetically beautiful while working in the garden. It is a folding trolley and comes as an assembly-free device with both good looks and excellent construction. It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and is composed of 600 denier polyester. With large wheels of 4X7 inches and a weight of 32.2 pounds making it an excellent model for everyday usage.

1. Come with an adjustable push handle.
2. The 360-degree wheels support every terrain.
3. Hassle-free folding or unfolding option within minutes.
1. A bit overpriced.

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2. HEMBOR collapsible garden cart

This wagon from HEMBOR can be used on every occasion without a doubt for its super flexibility and durability. Whether you go shopping, swimming, camping, and gardening, this particular cart will always come in handy to serve you in any situation. One does not need to install it. Just unfold it, load your stuff, and it is ready to use. It has a maximum capacity of 165 lbs. This wagon has two cup holders to carry beverages and comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

1. The cup holder is within an arm’s reach.
2. Assemble-free cart.
3. Its steel frame makes it sturdy.
1. The wheels are not wide and strong.

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3. MacSports Heavy Duty collapsible Garden cart

Mac Sports has manufactured a heavy-duty foldable trolley that has a weight capacity of up to 150-pounds. The 24.5-pound lightweight and durable design can carry heavy loads. Besides, the 600D fabric is easy to clean and maintain. 

Featured with UV and mildew-resistant formula, this trolley has an adjustable handle. The user can transport it effortlessly anywhere with its extra-large wheels. Additionally, the dual mesh cup holders keep the drinks secure. After folding, its dimension is 31.5 x 21.4 x 9.7 inches. On top of it all, when folded, the cart stands 9.7 inches in thickness. 

1. Charming blue fabric with black frame.
2. Includes a carry case.
3. UV and mildew repellent.
1. Unsuitable for children’s transportation.

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Best Garden Wagon Carts for Seniors Citizens

Below are the top 3 garden trolleys suitable for senior citizens.

1. Simplay3 garden cart

This durable and heavy-duty plastic wheelbarrow from Simplay3 rolls easily on two wheels, which are 13.5 inches wide each of them. It is easy to handle, and the tilt design makes it suitable for stable loading and unloading. This wheelbarrow has a bonus storage tray that comes in handy while carrying garden equipment, drinks, and tools. It is also capable of heavy loading with the help of its 4- cubic feet of heaped capacity. This particular garden trolley is super-fast and straightforward to assemble and does not take much space to stay. It is uncomplicated to install. 

1. Lightweight, maneuverable, and rust-proof.
2. Double-wall resin construction.
3. Easy to tilt design.
1. Wheels have no bearings.

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2. Miracle-Gro 4-in-1 garden stool and cart

This gardening trolley by Miracle-Gro is easy to use. It is multifunctional and comes with multiple assistance while gardening. This particular product works as a chair, kneeler, wheelbarrow, and stool – all in one, making it the first preference among aged people. 

This item is beneficial for someone who has a hard time kneeling or sitting down while gardening. It helps the gardener by putting out some of the pressure off his knees, which is the most attractive feature of this product. The trolley is almost 12 inches in height from the ground and is an excellent and super beneficial product.

1. Multi-functional and compact design.
2. Includes a comfortable foam kneeling.
3. Built to last long.
1. Not for the people having arthritis and poor balance.

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3. Pure Garden 82-VY021 garden cart

This garden trolley from Pure Garden is perfect for any enthusiast to alleviate the knee and back pain of the elders while weeding or planting saplings in their backyard. Additionally, the user can also use this device for tasks like cleaning, car repairing, painting, and many more. This moving chair consists of robust plastic wheels which are 3 inches in diameter. It can roll backward and forward on every level of terrain. This lightweight cart is easy to carry and lift around. The sturdy four wheels get covered with rubber tires, which will never puncture or pop under tremendous pressure. 

1. The load capacity of up to 200 lbs.
2. Great value for money.
3. The stainless steel structure is perfect for all weather conditions.
1. The seat is a little lower for getting up or down.

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Bottom Line

After the detailed discussion, it is clear that the garden wagon cart or garden trolley is an essential part of gardening. In every garden, a garden trolley is a must-have tool. It becomes handy for moving tools and supplies within and around the backyard and functions like a mobile gardening workstation that holds small and large stools and even trashes if required. It carries tools and accessories to the project site as well. To sum up, we can say that it is a part and parcel of every gardeners’ toolkit. So, before buying it, one should understand the specific requirements of his gardening before picking the most suitable trolley. 

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